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Rejuvenate and Refresh the Vitalice way

Vital IceWater is without a doubt the most precious and abundantly available substance in the world. This tasteless, colourless and odorless substance - also known as H2O - is the basis of life for all living things on Earth. Water that is fit for sonsumption is called Drinking Water. It has to fulfill the most stringent standards to ensure that it is safe to drink.

Pure, bacteria and pollutant-free drinking water is important for the optimum function of the human body. It is with this in mind that Vital Ice Reverse Osmosis water is born. Reverse Osmosis, also known as hyper filtration, is recognised as the best filtration method. Reverse osmosis water has been confirmed as the purest drinking water.

Vital Ice

Reverse osmosis removes salts and other impurities to improve the colour, tast and properties of water. The purifying process uses a semi-permeable membrane that allows water to pass through while disallowing contaminants, including those that are as small as ions. It is also efficient in removing bacteria, salts, sugars, protiens, particles, dyes and other molecules.

The term reverse osmosis comes from the process of osmosis, natural movement of solvent from an area of low concentration, through a membrane, to an area of high solute concentration if no external pressure is applied.

Vital Ice reverse osmosis water is processed using an advanced filtration system and it meets the requirements of the US Environmental Protection Agency National Primary Drinking Water Regulations under the USP 23 standard. It also meets the World Health Organisation specification standards. All adherence and compliance with the standard is strictly ensured to yield drinking water of the highest quality.

Drinking reverse osmosis water in the long run will contribute towards an overall improvement in health. Its excellent solubility properties facilitate improved metabolism in the human body. This in turn increases the body's immunity to infection and aids in the expulsion of harmful toxins and viruses.

Using reverse osmosis water in your day to day life enables you to reap the benefits. it is mineral free, salt-free, delicious, clear and pure - highly suitable for drinking and for daily use. You will be in peace of mind, knowing that the reverse osmosis water that you use is of the highest purity.

Vital Ice is available in two sizes: 500ml and 1500ml. Get in the groove of healthy living today with Vital Ice, the definite choice for pure drinking water.

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