Marketing Strategies | Grand Launching



In order to create a stir and heighten awareness for Footy Futsal, we should plan a high profile launch events at both the Footy Futsal premises and a selected HTO (High-Traffic Outlet), for instance, Sungai Wang Plaza, One Utama or Mid-Valley Megamall. This should be supported by on-going events at selected nightspots to capture the party-going crowd.

Advertising support is needed to create hype for both the event and the business. However, to decrease the cot of promotions, we could form smart partnerships with related brands.

Advertising in the mass media is necessary to capture the attention of the target market as well as keep Footy Futsal top-of-mind when it comes to football-related activities. In this respect, we should be going for Total Football Experience stance, which has not been claimed by any other outlet.

The Grand Launch should be divided into several stages in order to achieve maximum impact as per below:-

  • Hype-up at areas frequented by the target market, including sports equipment outlets, cinemas and cafes. Focusing on high customer traffic areas should give us the exposure we need to capture the target segment.
  • A launch advertising campaign should be executed in order to give Footy Futsal wider exposure and create top-of-mind awareness. We should hit the target audience constantly through mass media vehicles such as newspaper (gimmick in newspaper), TV and radio to create the necessary hype.
  • An official launch should be held at the Footy Futsal premises. There should be a press launch prior to the real launch so that we would be able to added publicity through newspaper articles and write-ups.


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Footy Futsal 2011