Zone B

The Zone B are encompasses the FM Café and the Memorabilia shop. The FM Café would be the main area for live telecast matches as well as Food & Beverage. A video wall in the FM Café and TVs at strategic locations in the dining area would show live matches or the latest repeats depending on availability, so customers can expect to have non-stop extreme sports action. Although a majority of the screened matches would be from the English Premier League, these will be complemented by games from Serie A (Italian League), Primera Liga (Spanish League) and other selected leagues. This is to ensure that the customers get a more well-rounded exposure to the extreme sports.

The FM Café offers a wide range of delicious creations. The idea is to introduce a dish for each major footballing nation to pay tribute to their contributions to the sport. Examples include European, South American and Asian delicacies.

The menu would be changed every few months, although the best-sellers would remain on the list. This is to avoid taste burnout, and fits with the concept of football as a constantly evolving game.

ZONE B (4-4-2)
The Zone B (4-4-2) area also includes a section for video gaming. Sony Playstation (PS3 or Microsoft X-Box) consoles with big-screen TVs and online capabilities as well networked computers will offer armchair footballers a chance to pit against the computer or each other in one-off games or a Footy Futsal organized league.

Several foosball tables will also be available for use. Foosball has a wide following and is a great way to keep the mood going especially when there are no live games being aired.

The Memorabilia (Futbol Mundial Shoppe) area will stock team merchandises and other attire as well as well as a wide range of football-related trinkets and souvenirs from abroad. This section offers the value-added service of personalizing jerseys. For a marginal cost, customers can emblazon their favourite footballers’ names and numbers on purchased jerseys. Limited edition items such as signed jerseys will also be sold on an auction basis conducted on one predetermined day a week. Also available are football gear for active footballers and corporate customers alike.

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Footy Futsal 2011